Intuitive systems for singular spaces

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    Form, meet function

    True smart living means you don’t have to think about all the ways your day is easier. Our systems are rigorous in quality and serious in simplicity, so they’re as instinctive to command as they are steadfast, and virtually invisible. Choose enduring experiences tailored to your sensibility, not for the sake of the gadget, but because spaces that work are more enjoyable. Technology is only useful if it fits, and lasts.

    “The reason Metro 18 is highly differentiated is because they are really curators and architects of an experience.”

    Jim G.
    Atherton, CA

    Responsive now, reliable always.

    We use proven products, not only consummate in the crowd but personally tested for years in our own places. No exceptions. That’s why our systems are seamless and unfussy. And why we’re with you any time you need us, resolving questions in an instant by remote, without chase, delay or scheduling a stop-in. Because you should expect even more from us than you can from our technology. Real performance is immediate, persistent and complete.

    Evolution can be effortless.

    Outdated systems load your home with bulky, hot, temperamental equipment and complicated controls that declare themselves at the expense of design. We can fix that with fluent electronics you don’t have to hassle with or notice, and embedded support that lets us answer as quickly as your new network. Automation should improve, not impose.

    Smart choices are made together.

    We’re part of your team of designers and builders, making sure each decision makes sense for everyone involved. When we share thinking early, we can make plans instead of problems, reducing revisions and lowering costs. Our process is as conscious of your comfort as our products are.

    “Metro 18’s service is extraordinary on any day, but the fact that it was so excellent, prompt and thorough when we called them on a weekend is even more impressive. I am really appreciative of the high caliber of people on their team.”

    Laura S.
    San Francisco, CA

    We're honored

    Recipients of the coveted Savant Chairman’s Award, we have also earned rare Savant Ambassador and Platinum levels of distinction for the past 5 years. And we’ve received HTA certification, the gold standard for home technology professionals. Because on every level, good work brings great reward.

    “What impressed me was they brought the same level of focus and joy to their work that I do to mine.”

    Tom F.
    Portola Valley, CA

    A decade defining excellence

    We are pleased to be celebrating our 10th anniversary and proud that we continue to earn your trust. Our customer commitment is building home automation systems that meet your needs and fit your lives – and we don’t rest until we get the job done.