Evolution can be effortless

Partners in

“Our partnership with Metro 18 is ongoing because as we evolve, they’re right there beside us to customize our house so we can keep up with the changes.”

Claudia and Bill C.
Los Altos, CA

Honesty. Skill.

“We wanted to take this beautiful environment and bring it into the 21st century. Literally within 45 minutes, they nailed it.”

Jim G.
Atherton, CA

It’s in whose hands
you want to be

“I had a wish list, and they filled it.”

Matt P.
Portola Valley, CA

A company that

“Something we encounter a lot in this industry is getting sold on a project timeline. It always sounds really good. But Metro 18 backed it up. It was a great service experience.”

Andrew Parvati, General Contractor
Bay Area, CA