Careful Choices Make Good Friends

From the thousands of engineers and manufacturers who work to craft elements powerful enough to make moments perfect, we select the world’s top few for our close partners. Expert, agile and as mindful of your confidence as we are, they know simplicity is the key to exceptional design, experience and constancy. They earn our loyalty with quality and return it with unparalleled support, so you get an inside line to instant service.

With these elite companies, we choose proven products that we test ourselves and find consistently excellent and easy, because innovation is only as valuable as its performance over time. And because we bring together the best possible pieces rather than building within one proprietary system, you can expand, adjust or upgrade however you like, sure of superior essentials.

Savant Systems

Savant elegantly integrates one-touch automation of audio, video and light throughout your home by wirelessly connecting multiple devices through a single host you can command with a simple remote or take-everywhere app.

2N Entry Systems

2N safeguards each entryway, with embedded cameras, intercoms and locks you can access from anywhere, keeping security and convenience always in reach.

Lutron Electronics

Because lighting should anticipate your mood throughout the day, Lutron refines programmable controls, dimmers, shades and sensors to automatically elevate ambience while saving energy.

Sony Projectors

The pioneer of digital imaging, Sony makes elite Sony projection systems that bring home the finest professional standard of big-screen viewing.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is the recognized leader in cloud networking, delivering out-of-the-box security, scalability, and management to enterprise networks. With a Metro Eighteen network by Meraki you can rely on all your electronics not only when you want them, but when you need them most.

Cineak Seating

Handmade seating and acoustical fabrics and panels exquisitely personalized for your home theater put timeless Belgian craftsmanship in the service of imagination, so your cinema looks as stunning as it sounds.

Linn Hifi

Precision engineered and built by hand to order in Scotland, Linn sound systems make your music lushly immersive in any room, from any source, tuned by five decades leading the edge of high fidelity.

James Loudspeaker

Designed and devised in Napa, James speakers are known for their unique ability to produce flawlessly enveloping sound while tucked unnoticed within sleek modern architecture and landscaping.


The passionate specialists of AudioControl invent receivers and amplifiers that bring sonic experiences thrillingly alive for the most discerning ears.

Stewart Filmscreen

The only screen manufacturer to win two Academy Awards, Stewart Filmscreen has been leading the field in future- proof projection screens for seventy years.