Harmony in the Hills

A sleek spec home challenged us to anticipate amenities for a future owner, balancing luxury with a careful budget.

“They understand the value of quality, appreciate modern design, and closely integrate systems that are seamless.”

Steven Stept

Ease in the Glen

Second-nature automation keeps serenity connective on weekend escapes to a secluded woodland nest.

“We were a little intimidated by the idea of a ‘smart house.’ We wondered, is this going to make our lives more complicated? They work it out with you very quickly.”

Mitcie Hanson
Carmel, CA

Command at Sea

Fully redesigned, custom engineered and precisely located electronics within the compact curves of a one of a kind yacht make comfort an assumption anywhere in the world, always ready to be experienced.

“We’re as at home on our boat as in our house, because Metro 18 integrated systems for both. We wanted technology without trouble everywhere we go, and got it.”

Jay Levitt
La Jolla, CA