Harmony in the Hills

    A sleek Los Altos spec home of glass and steel challenged us to anticipate amenities for a future owner, balancing luxury with a careful budget. Leading the team through our proven process, we found strong value and sure appeal with essential technologies that enliven the modernity of contemporary architecture.

    “We have a high level of trust and confidence that, with Metro 18, our clients receive top notch service, accurate technical guidance and cost options to make well-informed decisions. Their participation makes our projects better and our clients satisfied.”

    Steven Stept
    Architect, Feldman Architecture

    Customizing for a question mark

    We’ve been working with Feldman Architects for a decade, and teamed up to enhance their clean, open space on a Silicon Valley overlook with superlative sound and automation. The hard, spare surfaces of minimalist design demand a thoughtful approach to planning and installation. We drew on our long and varied experience to suggest which technologies would be indispensable, and how to wire them invisibly and attune their acoustics against unforgiving rock and glass. The achievement required constant contact with every hand in the house, sharing ideas in advance and taking each step in sync, to ensure artistic integrity for the architect, intelligent investment for the developer and a perfect welcome for any owner.

    Strong expertise makes smart choices

    To keep costs low and value high, we prioritize the foundation of a steady system. From an unshakeable network to fluent mechanics that vanish within contemporary finishes, we know what selections make the most meaningful improvements.


    Your network is your failsafe, the spine of all the wired and wireless electronics in your home. It should be enterprise class and impervious to emergency, always responsive and never in question. We won’t install any system without a robust network of exceptional quality, because it’s the reason you can count on everything else.


    While Axis surveillance cameras keep eyes throughout your house, Siedle access entry allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely, even when you’re not home. With a Savant app on your mobile phone or tablet, you can monitor and direct every function in one place. We insist on the best possible technologies for these critical services, and use them in every property we help protect.


    Motorized shades and Lutron lighting can be promptly adjusted with the swipe of a finger, setting the brightness of any room to your ideal in an instant or in advance.


    Small-aperture James speakers fire phenomenal sound from tiny holes, blending neatly with recessed lighting. Outstanding audio anywhere, flawlessly united with beautiful design, is an expression of excellence every owner appreciates.


    Savant climate control not only lets you choose the temperature of your personal atmosphere, but connects to your pool and spa commands, warming and cooling any part of your home automatically or with the shift of a mood.

    “They’re total team players, very knowledgeable and great to work with. Metro 18 understands the importance of our design and works alongside us to achieve the best visual and performance results.”

    Steven Stept
    Architect, Feldman Architecture

    Together we succeed

    We collaborate from the start to make decisions that make sense, leading a process strong on communication, documentation and technical memory, with an in-house design and office staff more typical of a larger company. That’s how we build trust that builds lasting relationships, such as with Feldman Architects, with whom we’ve partnered for more than ten years, and why this was only the beginning of our ongoing work with the developer.

    “My Metro 18 system is one of the best features in the home. Everything is on the screen of my phone or iPad, so I always feel in control. These guys are total professionals.”

    Simon Yiu, Real Estate Developer, Property Manager

    To be continued

    We’ll be here to introduce the new owners to their systems, connecting their devices, flowing in their music and showing them through each easy control, to help make their chosen home more comfortable. Whatever their preferences invite, we’ll add and adjust until all is exactly so. When a need arises, we’ll answer instantly, untangling issues in the moment and always keeping our support close.